Alfonso Peduto

a collection of projects at the nexus of software development, experience design, computation and art



This is not a line

A web application employing realtime webcam-stream motion-tracking for position-based generative audio-visuals



Algorithm Suite

An implemented collection of algorithms for music generation modeled after technical and emotive considerations of the creative process

Mel Gen.gif

Musie Glove + Body 2.0

Custom-built wearable device and an integrated sensing system allowing choreographers motion-based generative sonic landscapes 


16 Lines

Audio-visual installation derived from applying data visualization techniques to an acoustically-composed sonic journey

Sixteen Lines - Installation Art-Sonification [Alfonso Peduto]-HD (1).gif

Color Interfaces

a realtime color-tracking sonification system employed for a performance art project

Untitled [.05] - Teaser 7.gif