About this portfolio

The works here showcased aim to present some of my favorite projects developed in the last few years. They fall under the umbrella of interactive frameworks, experience design and software development: my interest lies particularly in their employment in the augmentation of human expression and creativity. Some works are more engineering-heavy, some more on the design side. 

The presentation paradigm adopted, providing a succinct article for each project, provides both big-picture analyses and overviews of the most salient aspects in their design and engineering. It is therefore intended to be perused by both technical and non-technical audiences.

About me

Having been academically trained in both the sciences (pure mathematics, physics) and the arts (music engineer, classical composition), I have long attempted to apply rigorous first-principles analysis to questions pertaining the intersection of the two worlds. I have always found a correlation between beauty in a perfectly constructed mathematical proof, elegantly written code, visually pleasing design and beautifully composed music: my efforts provide an attempt to make this belief a little more manifest in the world. 

Outside this collection of projects, I have created an extensive body of work of music compositions that have found willing and eager ears throughout the globe. More information about my music can be perused at: www.alfonsopedutomusic.com